Growhold Business Iberia was founded in 2013 and is the european matrix of Growhold Business. Growhold Business Iberia invests in venture capital funds. Our selection and evaluation processes allow us to identify and acquire potential startups and companies that will succeed in the near future. We are willing to acquire businesses that are already getting revenue.
  • Mission: we are focused on expanding our business by acquiring companies around the world, allowing the newly acquired companies to grow stronger with our internal expansion programs.
  • Vision: At Growhold Business Iberia, we plan to grow worldwide by incorporating SMEs to our holding corporate structure in the near future to make them grow independently. We can make in 5 years what an average SME can make in 15 years.
  • Values: Our day-to-day is based on ethical SME purchases, offering logical EBITDA multipliers per each transaction based on our daily market research. Our acquisition process takes longer than average M&A transactions, but we guarantee that you will get paid what you deserve.
Growhold Business Iberia is specialised in the following areas:
  • Real Estate: our main focus is on Europe, but we are also open to offers in Africa and Asia (preferably Southeast Asia), both individual and corporate properties. Our target are centric properties in capital cities. For apartments, minimum of 140 Sqm; for offices, minimum of 130 Sqm, but we are open to offers mainly in Barcelona, Rome, Warsaw and Dublin.
  • Software companies: our target is to acquire the top 3 software companies in Europe and Latam, mainly mobile app development companies. We are open to AR (Augmented Reality), Fintech and eHealth businesses as well. Minium EBITDA over sales of 50% during (at least) the last 3 years is a must.
  • Robotics & AI: Last but not least, one of our targets is to invest in startups that show a quick growth in the industrial sector, focused on technology-robotics and Artificial Intelligence. We will also consider acquiring eHealth + Robotics hybrid companies if the final product has seen an EBITDA of minimum 65% during the last 2 years.
  • Etc...