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Growhold Business Iberia

European-based venture capital firm

Who are we?

Growhold Business Iberia was founded in 2013 in Europe: Barcelona. Growhold Business Iberia invests in venture capital funds. Our selection and evaluation processes allow us to identify and acquire potential startups and companies, which are already getting revenue, and that will succeed in the near future.

  • Mission

    We are focused on expanding our business by investing in companies around the world, allowing the newly acquired companies to grow stronger with our internal expansion programs and commercial network.

  • Vision

    At Growhold Business Iberia, we plan to grow worldwide by incorporating SMEs to our holding corporate structure in the near future to make them grow independently. In addition, we are open to joint ventures depending on each situation.

  • Values

    Our day-to-day is based on ethical SME purchases, offering logical EBITDA multipliers based on our daily market research. Our acquisition processes take longer than other M&A transactions: you will get paid what you deserve.

Growhold Business Iberia is specialised in the following areas:

If you think that your company is suitable to get acquired by Growhold Business Iberia, or you are interested in buying one of our SMEs, contact us:

Europe: europe(at)growhold-business.com
Asia: asia(at)growhold-business.com
USA: usa(at)growhold-business.com
Latam: latam(at)growhold-business.com